Useful and harmful properties of beans for body health

Beans are a food that can harm your body and provide health benefits. If the heat treatment is done correctly, the beans are very tasty and have a high energy value. There are many bean varieties... They differ among themselves, you need to know how to eat them correctly.

What are beans - origin story

The culture is a genus of plants from the legume family. There are about 100 species around the world. Beans are planted to produce fruits (seeds) that are eaten. The flowers of the plant are popular because of the peculiarity of curling.

properties of beans

The legume plant did not immediately become known among European culinary specialists for its medicinal and nutritional properties. Initially, residential buildings and public buildings were decorated with bright colors. It was one of the most beloved plants among the French population. That is why it was called French beans in ancient times.

In the 18th century, Europeans noticed not only the taste of vegetable crops, but also what benefits it brings to the human body. The inhabitants of Poland began to eat beans. Then other countries followed. Today it is being prepared both in our country and in neighboring and even other continents.

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Where and how beans grow - producing countries

Today, bean plantations can be found in any corner of the planet. The leaders in vegetable cultivation are from all continents except Antarctica and Australia. The plant is grown in regions with warm climates. To obtain a crop, the crop must be provided with sunlight and light drainage soil. There are many areas with similar conditions, which is why the cultivation of beans is so common.

Top ten leaders in legume cultivation:

present day

  • Netherlands;
  • USA;
  • China;
  • Canada;
  • Brazil;
  • Nicaragua;
  • Argentina;
  • Mexico;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Egypt.

Beans are regularly grown in these countries. The vegetable culture is not only used within the country, but also exported to others. Despite industrial cultivation, many people plant and harvest at home. The first place in the cultivation of legumes went to China.

are regularly grown

Properties and chemical composition of beans

The content of B vitamins and ascorbic acid in beans promotes easy assimilation of proteins by the human body. Vitamin PP regulates protein metabolism, contributing to the normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The vegetable culture also contains nicotinic acid.

It not only keeps the intestinal mucosa in a normal state, but also regulates blood pressure and is involved in digestion.

Calorie and nutritional value of beans plays an important role among people who have decided to fight overweight. Beans help control body weight for people who want to always keep their performance in the norm. Depending on the variety, the seeds of the crop have from 290 to 305 kcal per 100 g. The pod type of vegetable is no less useful for the body than the husk. It has a large amount of fiber, and 100 g of the product contains 32 kcal.

the human body

Another property of beans is their high protein content. This fact is a direct indication for the use of vegetables for modern people. How is culture useful in addition to the listed advantages? The seeds and valves are saturated with important substances necessary for the full functioning of the human body.

Types of beans and their features

People are used to dividing the vegetable culture into types depending on the color and shape of the fruit. The beans themselves can be shelling and green beans. If the fruit is ripe, the pod becomes unusable as its fibers harden. There are also semi-sugar varieties that are versatile. It is not only a source of juicy pods, but also a crop of beans.

modern people


The composition of a culture directly affects the beneficial properties and harm that can cause the human body. 100 g of dry product contains the daily amount of fiber. This amount is enough to saturate a person, remove toxins and reduce the likelihood of malignant tumors. Raw beans are a source of toxic elements, the destruction of which occurs under the influence of high temperatures. A prerequisite before eating the beans is 5-6 washes before boiling.

the human body


White beans are not recommended for people suffering from gastritis or ulcers. Such food can aggravate an already difficult state of the body. Healthy people complain that they feel bloating after eating a vegetable crop. To avoid signs of flatulence, dill or fennel are added to the water during cooking. A little trick works and it brings the desired result. The product should be in the diet of patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

gastritis or ulcers


As a rule, seeds are small in size and, most interestingly, have the highest calories. This confirms the fact that they contain the highest amount of protein in comparison with other plant representatives. The fruits of the culture are also recommended for people who complain of pain in the heart.

If seeds are included in the diet, intake of the product should be in moderation.

You should not eat beans if the human body cannot tolerate them. Even a harmless amount of crop seeds can cause serious and severe poisoning. Therefore, for the safety of your own health, it is better to refuse them. Water helps to digest the food and should be drunk as much as possible.

the highest calorie content


The benefits of this type of culture are attributed to the content of starch, amino acids, protein and minerals. Moreover, these substances are found not only in the seeds, but also in the pods. Green bean may cause diarrhea or constipation. This should be monitored for people who have a tendency to unstable stools.

To avoid complications associated with the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to control the amount of beans consumed.

protein and minerals


It is a variety of pods. The only difference is the elongated shape. People call it asparagus, meaning that it is the unripe fruit of a common bean. The crop pods can be green, yellow or purple.

Pods are a source of elements necessary for the human body. They have a delicate taste and soft texture. It is popular among adherents of a healthy, yet satisfying diet. The vegetable goes well with all products, including vegetables. It cooks quickly and absorbs spices and spices, becoming even tastier during the cooking process.

call it asparagus

In what form is it more useful

Pods are delicious canned, fresh and do not lose their beneficial properties when frozen. If it is a peeling fruit, it is forbidden to eat it raw. If raw beans are eaten, a person can get poisoned. To alleviate the condition and normalize the digestive system, it is necessary to flush the stomach. After this, it will be useful to use an absorbent preparation. It will remove toxins from the body, and the person will feel much better.

Fresh and frozen green beans - which is healthier

As you know, fresh products contain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and organic substances. The same goes for green beans... To preserve as many useful elements as possible, the beans are frozen. The cooling process helps to retain valuable substances in the vegetable's dietary fiber.

freezing properties

The culture freezing procedure does not destroy an amino acid important for the body - arginine. When it comes to industrial freezing of a large-scale crop of pods, a system of partial dehydration of products using a vacuum is used. In this regard, asparagus stored in freezers has a lot more protein than fresh asparagus. This is why the bean pods that are sold packaged in the stores are so popular.

Cooked - boiled, stewed or baked

Asparagus beans can also be used for food. Before cooking, they are soaked in water for several hours. This will soften them and speed up the cooking process. After soaking, any heat treatment does not affect the nutrient content of the culture. Cooking, stewing or baking does not destroy them.

body amino acid


It is also a good way to make winter crops. The advantage of the procedure is that during canning, from 70 to 80% of nutrients are retained. Such food is highly nutritious for humans and is rich in fiber. The culture contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. The product is useful for introducing into the diet for people suffering from colds.

Regular consumption of canned beans not only calms the nervous system, but also has a diuretic effect. The beans can be in oil or tomato juice with grated carrots. People who often eat such food report an improvement in appetite and normalization of digestion. In turn, this has a positive effect on the appearance of a person.

crops for the winter

Human health benefits

One of the main steps in the treatment of many diseases is proper nutrition. If metabolic processes are disturbed in the body, beans are the very product that stabilizes the work of not only individual organs, but the whole organism as a whole. The vegetable is used for dietary nutrition. The culture gives a feeling of fullness due to its high fiber content.

The benefits of beans are noted by people who subject the body to frequent physical and emotional stress. Beans are able to restore strength and peace of mind to a person. In parallel, they strengthen the immune system. Medical professionals strongly advise their patients to consume beans whenever possible.

human health

For men

If a person suffers from diseases of the genitourinary system, this affects his well-being. The substances that make up the beans take an active part in the process of restoring the health of organs. Beans are Viagra for men. Beans are useful for the health of a strong half of humanity in the sense that under the influence of protein there is a rapid increase in muscle mass.

affects his health

For women

Beans, regardless of the type - beans or pods, are represented by a positive effect on the reproductive system. Plays an important role for women's health. The culture contains iron, which is necessary to maintain normal blood hemoglobin levels. This is very important for the body, especially if a woman is going through critical days. The question remains relevant when carrying a child and during lactation.

Another component of beans is tyrosine. It helps to normalize endocrine functions, for which the thyroid gland is responsible. Lysine is also worth mentioning. Its action is aimed at combating microorganisms that are viral or infectious. Suppresses the growth of benign and malignant neoplasms.

beans or pods

It will be of particular benefit to women in whose body hormonal changes are planned. This can be preparation for bearing a baby or menopause.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

The healing properties of beans prevent the development of anemia in a woman who is carrying a fetus. This is due to the content of histidine. The product replenishes the female body with calcium. Despite these features, the culture should be eaten with care. A large amount of beans can harm not only the expectant mother, but also the baby.

Bean processing is not limited to boiling, stewing, or baking. From the dry beans of the culture, talkers are made, into which flour is also added. The tool enhances the formation of breast milk. It is useful for women who need to increase the tone of the uterus.


For kids

Beans rarely cause allergy symptoms. Because of this, it has become one of the favorite foods of pediatricians. They recommend introducing it into the diet from 8-9 months, while combining it with dietary meat. This applies to asparagus beans.

The baby's stomach in the first years of life is very delicate and unable to assimilate some food. In the 4th year of life, parents try to give their children red and white beans, but not earlier. In this case, it is necessary to monitor how the baby's body will behave. Beans are not given in their pure form, but are combined with tomatoes, onions and carrots. It can be cooked as a puree or soup.

nutrition for pediatricians

Use for the treatment and prevention of diseases

Beans are an ingredient used to prevent and treat many diseases. It can be a mild cold or serious damage to internal organs. In any case, the healing properties have a positive effect on the body. The substances of beans get into the very focus of inflammation and help the body to cope with pathology.

The flavonoids contained in the asparagus bean pods have a disinfecting effect. The constant consumption of the vegetable supports the immune system and contributes to its resistance to viruses and infections. Beans are especially useful for diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Culture effectively treats atherosclerosis and prevents its further development.

many diseases

With diseases of the heart and blood vessels

For the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, the body needs many substances. The state of blood vessels depends on folic acid, copper, magnesium and iron.All of these substances are also found in beans. Dishes that contain not only whole beans, but also cereals or flour, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthen their walls.

Diseases of the stomach, kidneys and bladder

The abundance of fiber, glucosides and protein is not always good. In some cases, these ingredients can cause pain and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating. The product should be discarded in such cases:

many substances

  • ulcers;
  • colitis;
  • gastritis with low, high and normal stomach acidity.

Since beans are a solid food, they are difficult for the body to digest, and this fact must always be taken into account. The stomach, if it cannot fully function, will be much harder to do. This does not mean that you have to give up beans forever. When the condition is normalized, it is necessary to gradually accustom the stomach to such food.

The water in which the pods are prepared can also be beneficial for the human body. It is used to treat kidney and bladder diseases. The remedy is drunk three times a day, 100-120 ml. The fluid relaxes the area of ​​tissue in which the inflammatory process is located, and facilitates the passage of fluid in case of urolithiasis.

give up beans

Joint damage, nervous system disorders

Beans contain such a vital element as magnesium. Affects many processes in the human body. With its help, the functionality of the heart muscles and the nervous system is stabilized. This makes it easier for the body to cope with stress in difficult situations.

Insulin dependence

Bean decoctions are valuable for people with diabetes or those at risk of developing the disease. Beans contain arginine, a substance capable of having an insulin-like effect on metabolism. This helps to lower blood glucose levels. The fact that the grains of the culture do not contain carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body deserves special attention. In turn, they do not provoke a rapid increase in the indicator after consumption.

many processes

Skin diseases: wounds, cracks, ulcers

The use of legumes is not limited to this. The grains are used to prepare a product that quickly tightens any damage to the skin. Dry bean seeds grind to a powder state. A coffee grinder or mortar will help with this.

The resulting powder is applied to the wound, putting on a bandage on top. It is necessary to lubricate the damage that was previously treated with an antiseptic with medicine. The skin around the wound should also be clean. Homemade medicine is effective for cuts, cracks, ulcers, and burns.

preparation means

Rheumatism and gout

White bean seeds are used to treat:

  • gout;
  • rheumatism.

The use for the body is due to the high content of purines. Under the influence of substances, the metabolic process is normalized, the level of urea decreases, and the person feels much better. Their use should be minimal without harm to health. Fresh green beans will help relieve a person's condition with rheumatoid arthritis.

lubricate damage

Diseases of the oral cavity

Bean seeds are prized for their medicinal properties that help maintain oral health. Regular consumption of food can get rid of problems like tartar. As a prevention of dental plaque, the same beans are used. The substances in the product strengthen the tooth enamel and also whiten it.

Dental health professionals strongly recommend that people consume beans. Beans contain calcium and phosphorus, which are involved in the formation of the skeleton and teeth. The metabolic processes in the body depend on their state.If the calcium and phosphorus levels are within the normal range, the muscles will work effectively.

oral cavity

Male diseases

Vegetable culture helps to get rid of diseases that overtake a man at any time in his life. These are simple infections that can change to serious pathologies. The main role is played by diseases of the body that affect the genitourinary system. Moreover, beans are included in the diet of preventive nutrition at the time of treatment of the disease.

genitourinary system

Normalization of body weight and weight loss

The plant is popular among losing weight people. A small amount of boiled, stewed, or baked beans will give you a feeling of fullness. Although beans are a dietary product, their consumption should be limited. Otherwise, culture will have the opposite effect.

Fans of sports and proper nutrition use the vegetable on fasting days. Because of their high protein content, beans have taken the lead among other foods that vegetarians consume. Also, vegetable culture forms the basis of diets.

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Application in cosmetology

Nature has endowed the beautiful half of humanity with another amazing means for maintaining beauty - beans. Unfortunately, in the modern world, few people use traditional medicine, and do not know what they are missing.

Our grandmothers really knew a lot about matters related to beauty. Therefore, beans were used with great success.

The plant improves the appearance of the skin. The cooked bean puree is used as a face mask. The mild formula reduces the production of sebum, heals sore spots and smoothes wrinkles. A decoction of beans made from grains has a similar effect. It is used as water for washing or as a tonic for rubbing the face.

Application in cosmetology

The use of beans in cooking

Bean dishes can be found in cuisines around the world. They form the basis of a simple diet as well as gourmet treats. Under the guidance of skilled chefs, the product turns into a work of art. Some masters try to surprise gourmets with their work and serve sweet beans.

There is a container with beans in the arsenal of every housewife. Grits are made from beans, which are then added to the first hot dishes. Served whole as part of main courses. Add in the right vegetables to make a savory puree soup.

simple diet

During the cooking process, you can use any type of heat treatment:

  1. Cooking.
  2. Quenching.
  3. Baking.

Beans are made into stews by adding ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables. Every person who is interested in cooking should make a bean pate at least once in their life. An amazing delicacy will come to everyone's liking. It contains only natural ingredients.

heat treatment

Storage conditions and methods

Both whole dried beans and green beans are suitable for storage. The grains of the culture are poured into glass jars or any other containers in which it can be stored for 2-3 years. This technique is suitable for all types of shelling beans. The contents of the jar are periodically inspected for pests.

To keep the beans intact, place 5 cloves of garlic. It can be peeled or peeled. This little trick has come to modern man since ancient times.

storage methods

Green beans should also be stored, but in a freezer. The pods are washed, dried and cut into pieces if necessary. It can be boiled before being sent to the freezer or boiled before cooking. If you need beans for cooking after 1-2 days, store the beans in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf or in the vegetable compartment.

Contraindications, possible side effects, harm

Among the main contraindications are:

side effects

  1. Individual intolerance.
  2. Acidic gastritis.
  3. Stomach ulcers.
  4. Acute colitis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis.

Beans can wreak havoc on the body, even if the person is healthy. Side effects include heaviness in the stomach and increased gas production. To reduce the harmful effect on the body, legumes are consumed separately from bread products. In order to minimize the occurrence of heaviness in the stomach, beans are flavored with a good portion of spices and spices. This will make the culture less dangerous to the body.

Despite the harmfulness of beans, it remains one of the most effective foods. To get the most out of your vegetable crop, you need to properly prepare and consume small amounts.

pancreatitis and cholecystitis

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