Is it possible to cut the lower leaves of zucchini in the open field and should it be done

Gardeners prune and pinch vegetable crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, but not everyone knows whether it is possible to prune the leaves of zucchini in order to improve their fruiting. The leaves of this plant are large. They create shade while keeping the zucchini cool and moist. Therefore, the question of whether it is necessary to trim the leaves is questionable.

Do I need to crop and why?

Zucchini leaves not only perform an important function - they protect the fruits from the scorching sun. A large number of leaves can have negative consequences. If a squash bush has too much foliage, it prevents the ground from warming up and moisture to evaporate. As a result, favorable conditions are created for the life of various pests (snails, slugs).

lower leaves

Excessive moisture, combined with a decrease in temperature, contributes to the development of fungal diseases. Under these conditions, the fruit may start to rot. Therefore, gardeners pluck a few leaves from zucchini in the open field. This minimizes the risk of negative factors formation.

Pruning excess vegetation is necessary under the following conditions:

  1. When a disease is found on the leaves of a plant. In this case, the infected areas are carefully removed in order to avoid contamination not only of the healthy part of the bush, but also of other vegetables located nearby.
  2. If the bushes have grown and interfere with other plants.
  3. Yellowed and damaged leaves are subject to removal.

zucchini in the ground

With proper care, you can achieve a good harvest.

Everything about zucchini, rules for pruning stems and leaves

The video shows how to trim. This is an important process, because the correct removal of excess vegetation contributes to the healthy development of any zucchini varieties.

Removing the leaves contributes to better pollination of the plant. If the bush has grown a lot, then it will be difficult for insects to get to the flowers and pollinate. And by cutting off 2-3 leaves, you can make it easier for the bees to access the flowers.

pruning rules

What leaves and when can you pick

How to properly remove excess vegetation:

  1. The green mass of the plant is not cut off, but cut off.
  2. The procedure must be carried out with a sharp knife.
  3. Cut off the shoots as close to the stem as possible, as the hollow stalks can rot and infect the plant.

Preventive pruning is done in three stages:

hollow petioles

  1. The first time the procedure is carried out during the flowering period for better access of insects and sunlight to the flowers. The foliage is cut during the day, in good weather, so that the slices have time to dry by the evening. They remove those parts of the bush that hide the flowers.
  2. The next trim is sanitary. It is held at any time. Previously, it is worth inspecting all the bushes and determining the presence of green mass that needs to be cut. Dry, damaged, diseased and yellow processes are removed.
  3. The third stage is carried out when fruit ovaries begin to form. This stage is important, because the defective ovary is removed along with the extra leaves. It is necessary to carefully examine the plant, to identify the damaged and strongly shading parts of the zucchini bush. Yield largely depends on this procedure.

When performing manipulation, a sense of proportion is needed. Farmers who pruned large quantities of zucchini leaves later faced problems with growing vegetables.

procedure is carried out

Secrets and recommendations for growing zucchini

Recommendations for growing squash not complicated. When they are carried out, the process of caring for a heat-loving crop will bring pleasure and a good harvest.

Many people love zucchini dishes. The vegetable is consumed even raw, since it is rich in beneficial trace elements necessary for human health. Agronomists found that for better ripening and the formation of nutrients, fruits need to be under the sun as much as possible. Therefore, it is so important to timely cut off excess vegetation above the fruits.

secrets and recommendations

When transferring seedlings to open ground, it is recommended to take into account the possibility of vegetable growth. In some cases, the bushes can have a large diameter - 1.5-2 m. The recommended distance between bushes is at least 70 cm, and between rows - at least 80 cm. It is necessary to choose the right place for growing crops. Zucchini love warm soil, which is located in a sunny and wind-protected area.

To protect vegetable beds from disease, experienced gardeners advise planting onions and garlic in the neighborhood. Zucchini perfectly coexists with them.

Changing the growing location will help to avoid diseases. Each new season, zucchini is recommended to be planted in a different area.

 heat-loving culture

Watering is essential in caring for a vegetable. The culture loves moisture, but it is better not to wet the leaves, otherwise they will get burned in sunny and hot weather. Watered from below and preferably cold water. Watering is combined with top dressing. During the period of ovary formation, watering should be abundant.

In the process of caring for the plant, it is recommended to pay attention to trimming the lower leaves. They can strongly retain moisture, block out the sun's rays and thereby impair the yield and ripening of fruits. Excise need to be 2-3 sheets in 2 weeks, but not more often and not more. Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining the bush.


In order for the vegetable to bear fruit as long as possible, the beds are covered with foil. This is to keep warm. The shelter begins in the second half of August, when the nights become cool.

vegetable bearing fruit

Harvesting is carried out with a knife or sharp pruner. The fruit is excised with the stalk. It is not recommended to harvest from one bush more than once a week. Specimens without rot and other obvious defects are considered fit for consumption. Their size is 20-25 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter.

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