Description and characteristics of Bielefelder chickens, recommendations for keeping

Bielefelder chickens are very popular. They are distinguished by good productivity and have an attractive appearance. Through the efforts of German breeders, it was possible to obtain large chickens that are distinguished by a calm disposition and resistance to low temperatures. The breed is characterized by good egg production. Therefore, many people choose this breed for breeding.

The history of the creation of the Bielefelder chicken breed

For the first time these chickens appeared in the seventies of the last century. Subsequently, they quickly gained popularity among farmers in different countries, including Russia. This breed is of German origin. Herbert Roth brought her out.

For the first time, chickens appeared at an exhibition that was held in Hanover in 1976. Initially they were named "German Determined". After 2 years, the birds were given the name "Bielefelder". To create them, breeds such as Malin, Velzumer, Amroks, New Hampshire, Rhode Island were used.

Description and characteristics of the breed

This breed has some peculiarities. Because of this, they are popular with many farmers.

Bird appearance

These are oversized birds, which are distinguished by an unusual shade of feathers. It is often called golden-black-striped. The rooster's head, neck, back have a shade of ocher. The feathers that cover the body have white spots that are interspersed with black stripes.

chickens Bielefelder

The plumage adheres well to the body and is characterized by a dense structure. Feathers are wide but soft. The head and neck of chickens are covered with red feathers. Light brown spots are present on the belly and sides. They gradually turn into white and black shades. The body of the male is elongated, and the chest is wide and deep. They are characterized by a long back and medium sized wings. Birds have a full and wide belly, as well as a slightly raised tail.

The earrings are red and oval in shape. The eyes are bulging and have a red-orange color. The ridge is characterized by a leaf-like shape. The beard is oval, the beak is strong.

Layers of this breed have wider breasts than males. They are characterized by a full and rounded belly. In this case, the body leans forward slightly.

wide chest

Productivity and egg production

This breed has a meat and egg direction. The weight of a rooster at the age of 1 year reaches 4.5 kilograms, and that of a chicken - 3.5-3.8 kilograms. The birds have juicy white meat.It is quite dense. With proper nutrition, chickens grow quickly. Already at the age of six months, they reach 3 kilograms.

1 chicken produces 200 eggs per year. She begins to rush as early as 5-6 months. The first eggs are small, but after a few months their weight reaches 60-70 grams. They are distinguished by a brown shell.

High parameters of egg production remain up to 2.5-3 years. Then the number of eggs will gradually decrease. This happens at 30% per year. However, the parameter is considered individual.

rooster in the pasture

Temperament and vitality

A bird of this breed is kind and affectionate. Roosters are friendly in nature and take care of the weaker inhabitants of the house. The bird is not dangerous for children either. Bielefelder roosters have outstanding vocal abilities. They have a loud and loud voice.

Birds are characterized by a very calm temperament, therefore they behave sedately on walks. Chickens do not rake the beds, so they can be walked in the garden. Thanks to this, it is possible to cope with various pests, including snails.

Pros and cons

Bielefelder chickens have many advantages. These include the following:

  1. Rapid growth and rapid weight gain. This indicates good meat production.
  2. Excellent egg production parameters. The reproductive period is observed early - it begins at 5.5-6 months.
  3. Good dietary characteristics of eggs and meat.
  4. Disease resistance.
  5. Unpretentious content.
  6. Lack of serious dietary requirements.
  7. Calm disposition.
  8. Resistance to temperature drop down to -15 degrees.

bird feeds

This breed has few disadvantages. These include the need to insulate the house during severe winters and the high cost.

Recommendations for maintenance and care

To achieve good productivity of chickens, it is recommended to provide them with proper care and good nutrition.

Poultry house, patio, drinkers and feeders

These chickens do not require special conditions. It is important that the coop is warm and free. This is due to the sensitivity of birds to drafts. Structures are often made of timber. This material is considered warm.

poultry house built

Each bird needs 0.5 square meters of space. The tightness will lead to stunted growth and formation of birds. In addition, there is a risk of the rapid spread of infections. For chickens of this breed, high perches are not built, as they can get injured.

Ventilation is of no small importance. To provide it, it is worth making vents that allow you to ventilate the room. A clean bedding is considered mandatory. It must be dry. It is recommended to change the bedding twice a year.

Bielefelder chickens need a large walking area. They should allocate an open area with plants. During the warmer months, birds will be able to forage, which will reduce feed costs. A large area contributes to the correct development of a large skeleton of chickens.

keeping chickens

Vaccination, care and cleaning

The birds of this breed are characterized by good health. However, they still require proper care. Keep your chicken coop and chickens' areas clean. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by their susceptibility to dirt. In conditions of unsanitary conditions, there is a risk of mass death of chickens.

General cleaning of the chicken coop is carried out with the arrival of spring. In this case, it is worth removing the droppings and treating the feeders with hot water using caustic soda. At this time, the birds are recommended to be transferred to another room.

It is recommended to systematically remove droppings in the chicken coop.

The floor in the room should be treated with disinfectants. They can be easily found in specialized stores.

chicken coop vaccination

You should consult your veterinarian about the advisability of vaccination. The specialist will explain which drugs are recommended to use and determine the need for their use.

Winter maintenance

In regions with a temperate climate in winter, Bielefelder birds do not need additional insulation of the chicken coop. If the air temperature drops below -15 degrees, the birds should be transferred to a protected place. Subject to the temperature regime, chickens will be able to produce eggs even in winter.

chickens in winter

What to feed the birds

Choosing food is based on age. In general, birds are considered picky. Therefore, they are fed in the same way as representatives of other breeds.


It is important that the diet of the chickens is varied and balanced. For full development, they must receive all the necessary substances. Therefore, the following should be included in the menu:

  1. Various vegetables - pumpkin, beets, cabbage. Also, chickens are allowed to give soybeans, peas, corn.
  2. Greenery.
  3. Crushed egg shells, chalk, shell rock.
  4. Oats, bran, grain.
  5. Meat and fish meal.

poultry chickens

If the chickens are not raised for meat, there is no need to use special supplements to build mass. It is important that the young are getting enough protein. Therefore, the diet should include crushed eggs, herbs, cottage cheese. From 1.5 months of age, boiled fish, chopped barley and wheat are recommended.

Adult hens and roosters

Adult birds should be fed three times a day. In the morning and in the evening they are fed with dry food. During the day, you should use greens and a mash. Chickens need young grass. They also eat the inhabitants of the upper layers of the soil - beetles, worms and other insects.

In the summer, you can exclude most of the feed. Most of the food is located in the local area.

adult hens

Breeding rules

Breeding chickens of this breed is easy. With an incubator and appropriate experience, farmers manage to breed young offspring from their own or purchased eggs. Bielefelder chickens are characterized by good fertility and high survival rates.

By autosex staining of chickens, it is possible to determine the sex of the bird from the first days of life. Roosters are characterized by yellow down and a large light spot on the head. Light brown spots can be seen on the back. Females have a darker shade. Black stripes can be seen on the back and around the eyes.

If you don't want to bother with raising chickens, you can buy individuals several months old. It is much easier to raise adult offspring from purchased chickens. They are less hassle and take root well in a new place.

breed breeding

Possible diseases and prevention

The representatives of this breed are characterized by strong immunity. The decision on the need for vaccination is made by the owner, after consultation with the veterinarian. The specialist should determine the schedule for the vaccinations.

By creating suitable conditions for chickens, they do not have health problems. Birds should live in a spacious chicken coop, receive adequate food and clean water. To strengthen the immune system, it is worth using vitamins and adding enough greens to the diet.

Timely treatment of the floor of the chicken coop with antiseptic compounds is of no small importance. This is done before each litter change. Thanks to this, it is possible to prevent the development of infectious pathologies. If possible, it is worthwhile to make a small additional room in advance. Sick birds can be quarantined there.

winter maintenance

It is important to ensure that Bielefelder chickens do not have contact with wild birds. To avoid infection, it is recommended to make a canopy over the area for walking birds.

Where to buy and what to look for?

To breed chickens of this breed, you can buy hatched chicks or eggs. It should be borne in mind that in the second case there are much more risks, since it is impossible to be sure that the eggs belong to this breed.It is important to consider that they must have a certain size, shape and shade.

Before laying eggs for incubation, their shelf life should be no more than 5 days. At the same time, it is important to maintain the temperature regime at 8-12 degrees.

large individuals

When buying chicks, there is a better chance of getting representatives of the Bielefelder breed. To do this, it is recommended to carefully examine the chickens, paying attention to their color. Males should have pale yellow plumage and a light spot on the head. Females have slightly darker feathers. In addition, they have black stripes near the eyes.

Bielefelder chickens are deservedly very popular with farmers. The birds are distinguished by strong immunity, high productivity, and frost resistance. In order to raise healthy birds, they are encouraged to provide adequate care.

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