Instant recipe for pickled zucchini with honey and garlic for the winter

Most gardeners are used to experimenting with different conservation methods. Quick pickled zucchini with honey and garlic are always popular. Preservation has a pleasant sweet and sour taste. Classic marinade recipes are sugar free, making them healthier. The presence of spices gives the neutral taste of vegetables special expressive notes.

Quick snack recipe

Zucchini are rich in various vitamins and minerals. They are useful fresh and canned. One of the quickest and most delicious is to make marinated zucchini with honey and garlic.

The recipe for marinated zucchini with honey is suitable for daily eating or decorating a festive table. In finished form, without changing the taste, the marinade is stored in closed jars for up to 1 month.


  • half a kilogram of fruit;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 2 tablespoons of liquid honey;
  • 100 milliliters of vegetable oil;
  • 2 tablespoons of acetic acid;
  • half a teaspoon of salt;
  • cilantro, parsley, or other herbs.

zucchini with honey and garlic in a plate

When preparing lightly salted zucchini, it is allowed to use other spices and herbs to your liking.

  1. Preparing vegetables. For the dish, only young fruits are used, on which the skin has not hardened. If they had time to ripen, then the hard peel is first removed, and the seeds are removed. The fruits are thoroughly washed, the tips are cut off. Then they are cut into thin slices along the length. This method of slicing speeds up the marinating process up to two hours. Finished vegetables are left for 30-40 minutes to drain the juice. The dish is then cooked instantly.
  2. Brine preparation. If crystallized honey is used, it is preliminarily melted in a water bath to a liquid state. Cilantro and parsley with dill are washed and finely chopped. Garlic cloves are passed through a garlic press. Vegetable oil is added to the greens. Marinated zucchini with olive oil are very tasty. Vinegar is added last. All ingredients are combined and mixed thoroughly.
  3. Cooking a dish. All the juice is drained from the slices. After that, the zucchini are mixed in a honey marinade, being careful not to damage the thin strips. The slices are left in the sauce for 2 hours.

Zucchini, marinated with honey and garlic, are rolled up and decorated with sprigs of herbs. The dish is ready to eat. This method belongs to the category of easy and quick cooking.

Winter preservation recipe

Pickled vegetables are delicious not only in summer. Recipes with honey for the winter are especially popular with gardeners.Canned vegetables are juicy and soaked in spices.


  • 5 kg of zucchini;
  • liquid honey at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 kg;
  • 2.5 cups vegetable oil;
  • 5 cloves of garlic;
  • salt pepper;
  • 1 medium lemon

zucchini with honey and garlic in jars

For preservation, small young fruits are used.

  1. Fruit preparation. Let's prepare the zucchini first. For overripe vegetables, remove the hard peel and seeds. The fruit is cut into circles or quartered if the length is short. After that, the vegetables are salted and left to give juice for half an hour.
  2. Preparing greens. If desired, use herbs for the sauce. The best taste comes from cilantro and parsley. It should be noted that after conservation, the greens lose their taste and aroma. 1 bunch is washed and finely chopped. Chopped garlic, vegetable oil and lemon juice are added to the herbs.
  3. Preparing the marinade. If the honey has crystallized, it is melted in a water bath. When heating, make sure that the temperature of the honey does not rise above 60 degrees. Otherwise, it loses its beneficial properties. All ingredients are combined. The marinade is mixed well.
  4. Cooking a dish. The finished sauce is combined with slices. The mixture is left to marinate for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator. After that, the finished mass is boiled for 15 minutes over low heat and laid out in pre-sterilized jars. The blanks are rolled up with lids.

The cooled preservation is stored for a long time in a cool place.

Pickle recipes may vary. The only thing that unites them is their consistently excellent taste, which makes the preparation one of the favorite winter and summer dishes.

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