Description of the variety, characteristics and features of growing tomato Pink heart

Tomato Pink Heart - one of the subspecies Bull heart... But its difference is in pink fruits. "Pink Heart" was brought out in Russia in 2002. The variety was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2003. Originator of the variety: Agrofirm Search.

Recommended growing areas

Planting seedlings has its own characteristics. In the southern regions of Russia, it is better to plant seedlings in open ground, in the Central region they are planted under film. In the north, they are placed exclusively in heated greenhouses.

What bushes and fruits look like

The botanical description of the variety is mid-early, since after planting the seedlings in the ground, it takes 100 - 105 days to harvest the tomatoes. The characteristics of the bushes are indeterminate, that is, their stems can grow indefinitely after tying tomatoes, so they need to be tied up and pinned, and also standard ones. The physical characteristics of the variety are bushes 1.6 - 1.8 m in height, in the south of Russia they can grow up to 2 m. Large dark green leaves grow on the bushes.

The tomato is heart-shaped and pink in color. According to the description, the first fruits, like other species of the Bovine Heart, have a mass of 400 - 450 g, and the next pink fruits when ripe are much less - 250 - 300 g.

The tomato contains 5 - 6% of dry matter, the fruit itself is fleshy, has an average density, very sweet, does not crack.

Useful properties of fruits - they contain B vitamins1, IN6, C (strengthens the immune system), since they have more sugar than red vegetables, they can be eaten even by those who have stomach and intestinal diseases.

tomato seeds pink heart

Method of use

Tomatoes are very large in size, so they simply will not fit into the jar entirely when canning - this distinguishes the Oxheart species from other varieties. They are salted in barrels. Since tomatoes have a wonderful dessert taste, they are eaten fresh. The sweet taste makes excellent juices and purees.

What kind of crop can be harvested

From a bush, you can collect 2.5 - 3 kg. 2 - 3 bushes are planted on 1 m of the area. From 1 m, up to 9 kg are harvested. This is a small yield for such large fruits.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Description of the benefits:

  • the variety is given resistance to brown leaf spot, tobacco mosaic virus, macrosporiosis;
  • fruits are sweet, fleshy.

tomato pink heart in the garden


  • not very large yields;
  • the bushes are very moody, they require careful care;
  • vegetables do not lie for a long time and deteriorate during transportation, because of this they are not suitable for industrial cultivation;
  • branches are weak, may bend under the weight of the fruit.

How to plant

The seeds are sown in boxes in March. Before planting, the soil should be tamped a little.After scattering on the soil, the seeds are sprinkled with a layer of 1 cm of a composition of black soil and peat, then watered with warm water, covered with a film. The boxes are placed in a room with an air temperature of + 25 ° C.

When you see the first shoots, remove the foil and place the seedlings in the light. The first week the temperature should be +15 - 16 ° C, and later it can be 20 - 25 ° C. They dive, that is, they plant seedlings when 2 true leaves grow.

Nuances of agricultural technology

Plant seedlings in open ground or a greenhouse after 60 - 65 days. The seedlings should already have 6 - 7 true leaves and one flower cluster. Pick up the land fertile, light, with a high content of nutrients. Feed the bushes with organic and mineral fertilizers about every 2 weeks.

In addition, water them, remove stepchildren in a timely manner, and pull out weeds. Spray the bushes with special preparations to protect against harmful insects and diseases.

tomato pink heart in a plate

The bushes are very tall, so tie them up. Place supports under the branches so that the plants do not break under the weight of the pink fruits. It is best to leave 1 stem or 2 when shaping, and remove the rest of the stepsons.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes have a good immunity to fungal diseases. But brown rot may appear on the tomatoes. It is required to eliminate diseased fruits and stop the application of nitrogen, spray the bushes with the preparation "Hom".

Reviews say that melon aphids and scoops may appear on tomatoes. In this case, the bushes are sprayed with the Bison preparation. The drug "Strela" also helps against the scoop.

If slugs attack the bushes, then you need to cut off the tops and scatter ash on the ground.

This tomato variety gives large pink fruits, is quite picky about watering and feeding, so it is better to grow it by experienced gardeners.

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