Description of the tomato variety Maryushka, features of cultivation and care

Among amateur gardeners, varieties of tomatoes with small fruits are popular. It is convenient to roll them into banks, they have a beautiful appearance. Among the variety of such varieties, there is Maryushka's tomato, which is as beautiful and fruitful as other small tomatoes.

Bush characteristic

The bush is of a determinant type, it does not grow in height above 80 centimeters. Moreover, it is powerful, branched. When growing, it does not require pinching, because it is limited in growth. After a few brushes with fruits, growth stops. Above the 7th leaf, the first brush is formed with a beautifully shaped bunch. Up to 9 fruits can ripen on one branch at the same time.

Medium ripening tomatoes - 110–112 days pass from seed germination to the first ripe tomato. Bred for outdoor cultivation. If necessary, you can get an excellent harvest in closed areas.

To do this, in the summer, you need to open the doors of the greenhouse for insects to enter. They pollinate the flowers of the plants, and the harvest will start.

Description of fruits

Fruits are medium-sized, weighing 60–70 grams per one, plum-shaped, red, fleshy. They have a bright tomato flavor and aroma. In this regard, they are used universally. From such fruits beautiful and delicious pickled tomatoes, excellent sauces and tomato juices are obtained, they are used fresh, in salads and for decoration.

fruit description

Since tomatoes are resistant to cracking, thanks to their firm skins and fleshy contents, they are easy to transport over long distances. They are well stored, therefore, Maryushka's tomato with its characteristics and description of the variety is often found on the market.

The bushes are resistant to popular tomato diseases.

Agricultural technology of cultivation

Maryushka is grown mainly in open areas, due to the quality of the fruit and bush, the seeds are used on large plantations for large-scale production.

cherry tomatoes

Plants are grown in seedlings for an earlier harvest. Sowing seeds begins at the beginning of March and transplanting into the ground is carried out when a stable above-zero temperature occurs on the street.

During the cultivation of bushes with tomatoes, gardeners carry out a number of manipulations for good fruiting and development of the bushes.

  1. Watering the beds.
  2. Weeding the soil under the bushes.
  3. Loosening the soil after watering.
  4. Garter plants.
  5. Fertilization of soil and green mass.
  6. Examination of plants for diseases.
  7. If an infection is detected, disinfection of the bushes with the removal of diseased areas.

tomatoes on the branches

Since tomatoes are unpretentious for watering, this procedure is carried out in dry weather once every two days. And if it rains often, then you should completely abandon watering.

Weeding is required. This applies to bushes of tomatoes and other plants on the land.Otherwise, all feeding procedures will be wasted. The grass will take all the minerals.

After watering, it is important to loosen the soil around the plants. The procedure keeps moisture in the soil longer and gets rid of the fungus. If the soil is stagnant, a fungus forms on the roots, devouring the roots, and then the stems. In this case, there will be no harvest.

Tied up so that leaves and fruits do not lie on the ground. When growing tomatoes, this is strictly prohibited. Late blight tomato become infected in wet and damp weather, absorbing the disease from the ground.

late blight tomato

Fertilization is carried out at least three times per season. The first time is fertilized two weeks after transplanting. The second is when the plants bloom, and the third is when the fruits ripen. In this case, organic and mineral dressings are used.

Thus, the crop will not be lost due to drought, nutrients will not go to the weeds, and the tomatoes will ripen together.

Due to its positive qualities, this varietal tomato receives positive reviews not only in Russia, but also from neighboring countries.

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